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We assist adults undergoing professional retraining, as well as bakers looking for a solid practical and theoretical foundation.

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  • Organic artisan baker (FRENCH)

    A 15-week training course leading to certification

    • Professional retraining to set up your own bakery

    • Prepares for baker's diploma examination (Level 4)

    • Suitable for beginners

    • Individual entrepreneurial support

    • Level 3 diploma required

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  • Organic bakery employee (FRENCH)

    A 9-week training course leading to partial certification, open to anyone

    • Professional retraining to work in a bakery

    • Prepares for validation of the 'Practical' block of skills of the school's diploma

    • Suitable for beginners

    • No previous qualification required

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  • Traditional sourdough - Theory and Practice (ENGLISH - FRENCH)

    A 5-day course (40 hours) open to anyone

    • Suitable for beginners or those already working in bakeries

    • Theory and practice of sourdough bread-making

    • Ideal to explore a desire to change careers

    • Study of the entrepreneurial aspect (only in courses taught in French)

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  • Panettone, viennoiserie and sourdough bread – Advanced course (FRENCH - ENGLISH - ESPAÑOL)

    A 5-day course (40 hours) accessible to experienced bakers

    • Training in sourdough bread-making of sweet doughs

    • Demonstrations of recipes such as Panettone, brioche, Kouglof, croissants...

    • Study of theoretical, practical and organisational aspects

    • Two years' professional experience in sourdough baking required

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  • Manage a successful bakery (FRENCH)

    A 3-day course (21 hours) open to all

    • Entrepreneurial training

    • Presentation and use of management tools

    • Overview of the obligations of bakery business managers

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